Sunday, May 14, 2006

Happy Mother's Day Mom!

Children, let us love not in word or speech
but in deed and truth.

As I sat in Mass this morning listening to these words from today's second reading, my thoughts turned to my mom, the world's best mother.

Growing up as the oldest of five children, I vastly underappreciated my mother. In fact, until I had my own children, I think I was a bit of a Daddy's girl. But all that changed pretty quickly after I held Eric for the first time.

There's something about taking on the vocation of motherhood that gives you an unimaginable appreciation for and respect of your own mother. My mom was, indeed, the best - and she continues to be to this day! She was a wonderful role model of all a committed and loving wife should be. In good times and in bad, she loved my Daddy with a love that has remained constant and unwavering, and in a way that was evident to each of us. To this day, I love to watch my parents together, especially when they're dancing!

As a mother, she made countless sacrifices to benefit us, but you'd never have known it. Not once did I ever imagine that she might rather be doing something more exciting than endless loads of laundry or finding creative recipes for hamburger. She never complained about driving the way I do - she just did it (and for five of us, as opposed to my two!). Gracefully, and with wit, she raised five of us who went on to full and happy lives. All of her children graduated from college, and all have emulated our parents' loving relationships by finding our own soul mates. We are raising our own children in the faith she so lovingly taught us with the words she instilled in our souls even before we were old enough to say them for ourselves.

As a mother myself, one of my mantras has become "WWMD?" What would mom do? More often then not, when faced with a parenting challenge, she is the first expert I consult. Like today's soccer moms, she carries a cell phone 24/7 to be on call for parenting emergencies that arise. But instead of a sick second grader needing to be picked up, she consults with her grown daughters and sons on everything from potty training to teenage relationships to the recipe for Impossible Pie.

I'm lucky, I have a mom and a best friend all rolled into one. If a day goes by where I'm unable to speak with her by phone, I tuck the memories of that day into my mind to share with her as soon as I can. She loves me enough to tell me straight up when I'm obsessing over something stupid. She marvels with me at my children's accomplishments and helps me to keep their shortcomings in perspective. She comes to my rescue, both physically and emotionally, sometimes even before I can recognize that I need her help.

Like an object lesson for those to whom John spoke in today's epistle, my mom's love is obvious not only in her words, but especially in her deeds and actions. She is the epitome of all I think a mother should be - if I can do 2/5ths of what she does in my life as a mom, I will consider myself a success in life.

Happy Mother's Day Mom! I love you! Thank you for the gift of life and for the love you've showered on us. I love you more than I'll ever be able to say! L.

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Anonymous said...

Thank You! I'm just happy to be in your life! Love you, Mom