Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Happy Birthday Erin and Evan!!!

Dear Erin and Evan,

I know we've been celebrating all month and that you don't officially share a birthday, but I thought I'd write a note to the two of you together, as that's how I think of you in my heart during the month of May.

I need to take a moment to tell you how much you mean to me and how very much I love you!

The two of you are much alike in many ways - you love to travel, whether it's to the lake, or to Paris. Your smiles and your personalities light up the room! You look really cute in your PJs! You love a clean kitchen, and one of you is an excellent sweeper! Most of all, you are excellent listeners. One of you will pause in the midst of important legal transactions to take a call from a Fresno housewife. The other listens so closely that he repeats the last word of every sentence, so you always know in your heart he's heard what you have to say!

To Erin, you are sister and friend forever. I never cease to be amazed at your energy, your prowess, your intelligence, the depth of your emotions, and the totality with which you share all that you have with those around you.

To Evan, you are my sunshine and you never cease to make me smile. I love how you remember everything that happens, how you put your nativity scene action figures in just the right place when you read your bible. I love how you are so talkative and expressive. I love you because you are the miracle that turned my best friend into a mommy!

To my two favorite redheads, I hope your celebration lasts all month - you deserve all the happiness in the world!

With love and moose smoochies, L.


Anonymous said...

THANK YOU!!!! We love you and thank you for coming to celebrate with us as we turned 2 and 40. We appreciated the early celebration--you and Nana started the wave and we've partied right through to today.
And thanks for making me cry at work. Again, as always.
E and Little E.

Anonymous said...

You said it all just right! Love MOM