Friday, May 05, 2006

Answers to "What I've Been Up To"!

OK, some of you have figured them out, but here's an extremely brief travelogue of my recent odyssey.

Photo #1 - Las Vegas (no, not the real Venice!) - We spent a few days at the new Wynn Hotel in Vegas, living in the lap of luxury

Photo #2 - Yosemite - We are fortunate enough to live with waterfalls practically in our backyard. This photo was taken on a day when Eric and I discovered a new and fairly hidden hiking trail about 50 minutes from our front door. The majesty of the waterfalls this year is indescribable - God's creation leaves me speechless at times like this. It was an incredible day, with two incredible boys! (Mom shared a few "stay away from the ledge" nags during the course of this otherwise lovely hike).

Photo #3 - The Walnut Room, Marshall Fields, Chicago - Nana and I surprised Erin for her 40th birthday (ok, so we were a few days early....). We both flew to Chicago and we really did fake my little sister out! It was a wonderful trip. If you've never been to Chicago in the spring, plan a visit - the weather is lovely and the tulips are awash in color. More on the suprise and my slightly aging sister soon.

Photo #4 - Notre Dame!!! Ok, this one should have been simple. I attended this year's Alumni Senate in the shadow of the dome. I felt like an elderly alumna when I asked two young coeds to take my picture in front of the dome! I hope to share more on this fantastic conference soon.

I think I'm home now for a while and ready to get caught up and back on track. I was greeted at the airport by two handsome young men bearing a spring bouquet and one slightly bedraggled husband who'd been minding the store in my absence! It's wonderful to travel, but there's no place like home!!!


Anonymous said...

It was wonderful to be with you in Chicago. Give my thanks to Greg & the boys for letting us have you for a wonderful week! MOM

Heather said...

Great photos. It is nice to see who the people are in the blogs. :)

Our family has just started hiking and that photo is AWESOME. We have lots of trails here but not many waterfalls.