Friday, March 03, 2006

Still sitting on the curb, in the rain!!!

Poor Nana, she's had quite the Odyssey!

Her flight from Gulfport to Memphis was delayed, thereby resulting in her missing her connection and being re-rerouted to Cincinnati. Once there, she boarded another plane bound for Salt Lake City. After sitting on the tarmac for an extended period of time, the passengers were taken off the plane due to mechanical problems. She did eventually make it, on another plane, to Salt Lake. However her arrival there was after all scheduled flights to Fresno were already gone for the night.

She collected her luggage, boarded and shuttle, and arrived at her hotel (thankfully provided by the airline) in the middle of the night.

This morning, she is scheduled to fly into Fresno from Salt Lake City after ony four airplane and approximately six shuttle bus segments, 23 and one half hours late!!!

Yikes, and flying is supposed to be the fastest way to get someplace!!!

She is such a trooper. During my hourly check in calls to her cell phone, she has remained upbeat, exuding a positive attitude. Grace under pressure, that's for sure.

If I have accomplished anything at all in my life, it's largely thanks to my Mom, who has always shown me an example of strenghth, persistence, and mostly, of love. I'm still waiting to collect that welcome hug! Hopefully the rain in Fresno won't cause her to be re-routed to LA!

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Anonymous said...

You are so right! Your Mom is the finest person I have ever known. A little thing like delayed plane flights only heightens her keen anticipation of being with one of her beloved children, which is by far her greatest dedication in a most patient and giving life. I have always felt that if your Mom, you, and your brothers and sisters are happy, then I am happy. I feel like Evan when he says "Happyyyyyy". And I am a lot happier now that Mom has called to announce that she has been warmly greeted by her loving daughter Lisa, who has been sitting on the front curb for the preceding 36 hours. Love and Misses, Dad