Tuesday, March 07, 2006

So Much Snow!!!

I beg the patience of those of you who live in places where it does this all the time, but for a girl from Fresno, this seems like an unimaginable amount of snow! The view in this photo is from the window seat where I've spent the better part of two days.

We've managed a few outings, but haven't ventured to the slopes yet. Truthfully, I don't know if we will ski at all, which does seem like a shame. It's just that we're having so much fun doing nothing!!! What a blessing to have long, uninterrupted conversations with my wonderful husband, or just to sit in the same room in perfect silence reading in front of the roaring fire. I hadn't realized until we arrived how tired and run down I really was.

Now back to the snow. We did manage to dig out the car and put chains on the tires, so we will be able to drive out on Thursday morning (darn!). I just can't believe how much snow there is. This is nice snow though, fluffy and not too slippery. I've only fallen once (while walking, not skiing!). I remember our days back at Notre Dame when a walk across campus was like crossing the frozen tundra. We don't have any of those negative ten wind chill factor days, just lots of snow!

OK, time to sign off from Mammoth. My next post will likely be from my "real life" in Fresno. Thanks again to the world's best grandma for making this little getaway possible!

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