Thursday, March 02, 2006

Sitting on the Curb

Today I'm sitting on the curb...and I'm going to be sitting out here for a long time!

When we were little, my grandparents used to make an road trip from their home in Indiana to visit us in California. In those days before cell phones, we had a rather rough estimate of the general day and time frame when they would arrive. In our anxiousness to welcome them, we spent most of the day they were expected sitting out on the front curb waiting for them. I remember the joy I felt as I saw their car round the corner of our street. They had arrived! I never wanted to miss greeting them in the front yard with hugs and kisses.

Today I'm waiting for the arrival of someone special - my Mommy! The poor thing left Gulfport at the crack of dawn this morning and was due to arrive here at noon. Unfortunately, weather delays have her re-routed through Cincinnati and now she will have to take a total of four planes and won't get in until 10 pm. While this may give me time to clean my guest bathroom, I'm sorely disappointed with the delay in her arrival.

Even though I won't be physically waiting out on the curb, today has the feel of those old days, filled with anticipation. It's so wonderful to welcome my parents into my home (or any loved one, for that matter). The waiting time for her arrival seems dreadfully long, and her visit will pass much too quickly.

Sitting on the curb, filled with hope, I can't wait to give her a big hug!

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