Friday, March 31, 2006

Need Recipes!!!

Help! I am certifiably a terrible cook, so the following email request has me scrambling. Can we come up with a few recipe suggestions prior to Holy Week for Juliette? If you have a suggestion, post it in the comments or email with your favorite.

Dear Catholic Mom,

I've came across your website looking for recipes to cook for lent. I live in Jordan (in the Middle East), and there's a community of 3% of christians who like to fast during lent.

I would appreciate it if you could include recipes that have to meat or dairy and animal products as we abstain from eating cheeses and other animal products.

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Sharon said...

One of our favorites is rice and bean tostados or tacos.
It's instant brown rice, chopped onion, and once that is simmering, you add a can red beans in chili sauce. Stir that, then add a can of corn (drained). Mix it together and heat.

Then serve it as tacos or over heated flat tortillas w/ lettuce. We use cheese, but it's flavored enough to omit the cheese.

There's one suggestion!