Tuesday, March 21, 2006

I Can't Wait...

Katherine Valentine, one of my favorite Catholic authors, has a new novel coming out in June!!! I've loved every one of Katherine's previous books, and this one looks really great too!

Katherine shared the following with me in a recent email:

The project began when I took a priest, who was new to the archdiocese, to dinner. He had lived in Rome began to share his experiences, including his involvement with exorcisms. What he said next, nearly made me fall off my chair. Because of his background, the archdiocese had called him to pastor a parish whose rectory was haunted. Apparently, several new pastors left screaming in the night. Well... this was just too good not to use as a storyline, and so The Hookers as we fondly refer to this trilogy was born (and that's 'rug' hookers in case you're wondering).

Katherine is also at work on a four part series on the Apostles for Biography Channel, to be begin airing during Holy Week. Sounds great!

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