Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Great stuff for girls

I'm back to trying to get updated with my recent slew of emails and wanted to share this note from a very special person, Jean-Ann Hand. Check out Jean-Ann's great stuff for girls of all ages at www.philomenagirl.com !


After quite a hiatus, I've just published a new issue of my faith-based web magazine for girls! It's even got it's own domain now at Philomenagirl.com!

The new Philomenagirl.com is similar to the old, but includes even more on the devotional side. There are free mp3 downloads of contemporary music based on traditional prayers, as well as fun features about fashion, entertainment and personalities that embody what God calls us to be. Like the original slogan says, Philomenagirl.com is a place to be a girl and be with God.

A lot of our original Philomena girls have grown up since the last issue was published. It is my hope they enjoy it anyway and pass it on to their little sisters. Of course, being God's girl is an ageless thing and even moms might find things they like there too.

Take a look at Philomenagirl.com and pass it on to all the potential Philomena Girls you know!

Thanks and God bless you and yours!

your sister in Christ,
Jeanann Hand

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