Thursday, March 02, 2006

Calling All Soccer Moms

A special thanks to Juliet, who emailed me with a link to her very helpful web site called The Educated Sports Parent.

I would like to have a few of Juliet's business cards to hand out to some of the jokers, idiots and jerks I've met on the sidelines of a few of my kids' sporting events.

Juliet shares:
The most important goal of any youth sports organization should be that every single participant has a fun and enjoyable time. Making youth sports fun for kids helps turn them on to a lifetime of physical activity. The current obesity epidemic among both children and adults underscores the need for keeping kids turned on to physical activity. We cannot afford to allow youth sports to be a negative experience that leaves children with little desire to continue being active as adults. Unfortunately, for many children, it is.

She has a ton of helpful information on the site. Check it out!

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W. said...

Just found your blog via amazon book review on canon law book. Will be sure to return and see what is happening here, but what about soccer dads too?

All the best,