Monday, March 06, 2006

The Best of Times

As I write this entry, I am sitting in front of a crackling far, looking out the window watching snow fall and pile into huge drifts.

OK, you might have guessed that I'm not in Fresno today!

Thanks to the world's best mom and grandma, Greg and I are on a little getaway to Mammoth. We arrived last night in time to stock up on some provisions and firewood before a rousing snowstorm hit.

This morning, Greg is over at the Conference he'll be speaking at, and I'm busy soaking up the silence and marveling at the beauty of God's creation.

We have four glorious days of rest and time to enjoy one another's company before heading back home on Thursday...what a gift! I love my life, but it's so incredibly nice to have a little break from the constancy of the schedule.

I'm not sure how much "work" will be accomplished in the next few days, but this time off will undoubtedly be a boost to my spirit and a refreshment for my soul.

I promise to try to post a few pictures (if I can get myself out of my PJs and go out and take a few).

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Anonymous said...

Just what you deserve for being the world's best everything! Love and Misses, Dad