Monday, February 27, 2006

Too Busy!!!

For the past two weeks, I have been too busy... to busy to blog, to busy to shop and eat healthfully, too busy to get a good night's sleep, to busy to put quality time into my prayer and meditation rituals, and too busy to be a good friend to someone who needed me.

Do you ever go through these times? I do, quite regularly. I know that I'm overcommitted and underorganized, despite my best efforts and the wise counsel of experts like the Flylady (please don't email me recommending her - I'm too busy to read her emails! Just kidding!!!)

One day last week I asked myself why I couldn't be more like some of the other moms at school, who take time to lunch with girlfriends and go shoe shopping...who look great when they arrive to pick up their kids, not still sporting the smelly gym clothes they'd been wearing since the morning.

I'm not really sure what the answer to all of this busy-ness is - I've tried following friends' advice to cut back on a few things, but I don't want to! I think what I need to realize is that my busy-ness is just a part of being me, and that it's ok, so long as I keep things in their proper perspective. That morning prayer that fuels my soul is a mandatory component, as are my trips to the gym and efforts at eating and sleeping well. Above all are my duties to family - to my husband, my boys, my parents and siblings, and to my friends.

The other things I love to do, like blogging, fill in the crevices of my hours spent driving, cooking and laundering. Sometimes those slips of time are larger are more productive than others! I know that in a few years, there will be less cooking and laundering of dirty fencing pants, less packing lunches, and much less driving - and then there will be more time for everything else. For now, the balancing act remains a precarious dance - with God at my hand to help me balance, I think I'll be ok!

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