Tuesday, February 07, 2006

How is it already Tuesday again???

These weeks just fly by, don't they?! I'm popping online for a few moments to blog in between a grueling Cardio-Kickboxing class and a meeting with the Women's Prison Ministry I volunteer with to say hello and to let you know that I'm alive and well (although somewhat sore).

A few notes:

* Our friend Cami has a new and updated look at her wonderful website. Check it out!

* St. Richard of Lucca - This is the saint listed today in Daddy's Lives of the Saints book - I always enjoy reading about Saints who found their way to God through their Catholic parenting skills...I need all of the role models I can find!

* From my reading today in Imitation of Christ, this passage truly struck me:

As our intention is, so will be our progress; and he who desires perfection must be very diligent. If the strong-willed man fails frequently, what of the man who makes up his mind seldom or half-heartedly? Many are the ways of failing in our resolutions; even a slight omission of religious practice entails a loss of some kind.

Just men depend on the grace of God rather than on their own wisdom in keeping their resolutions. In Him they confide every undertaking, for man, indeed, proposes but God disposes, and God's way is not man's. If a habitual exercise is sometimes omitted out of piety or in the interests of another, it can easily be resumed later. But if it be abandoned carelessly, through weariness or neglect, then the fault is great and will prove hurtful. Much as we try, we still fail too easily in many things. Yet we must always have some fixed purpose, especially against things which beset us the most. Our outward and inward lives alike must be closely watched and well ordered, for both are important to perfection.

The version of the book I'm reading, edited by Clare Fitzpatrick, reads somewhat more "kindler/gentler" than this version and really gave me the kick in the pants I needed this morning. To the commenter who suggested that some devout individuals memorize this book, I am leaning towards trying to commit certain passages to memory. For today, it would be this sentence from the Fitzpatrick translation:

"The reolution of a devout man (mom?) depends more on the grace of God than on his own wisdom."

Now that is a good thing...!

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Cami said...

I love the part you pulled out, too. I praise God most of all for His gift of grace on this side of Things. And thanks for the reference! I appreciate all you do!