Tuesday, February 07, 2006


OK, somehow in the course of my meeting at Samaritan Women, I was gently persuaded to volunteer to teach a weekly, one hour introductory course on computer basics for the clients, who are women recently released from Prison and looking to re-enter the workforce. It sounds exciting, until I realize I have no idea what to teach them...

What are some very basic, essential things to teach a group of women who have little or no exposure to computers. Help me out here - post a comment or email me if you have ANY suggestion. I have a few weeks to get my act together...


Patrice Fagnant-MacArthur said...

Hi Lisa,

When I have shown someone how to use a computer, really I have started with the basics. The unknown can be so intimidating. Just turning it on and knowing to be patient is a big step. Also, playing games like solitaire can be good for learning to use the mouse. As far as practical skills, I would say learning how to use "Word" or a comparable word processing tool would be most important as well as how to access and find information on the internet. Good luck! I'm sure that you will be great!


asfarq said...

I have taught introductory computers. I agree with the previous comment. In addition, teach them how to use Microsoft Windows

Pat Gohn said...

If the women are allowed internet access, I would create several favorites or bookmarked sites that offer some of the top Catholic/Christian materials. I'd also teach them how to have a free email account, if they are allowed to have one.

Anonymous said...

1. how to turn it on and off and get to basic programs.
2. how to use the internet (this could take several classes).
3. how to use email, attachments, etc. this cold also take several classes.
4. using word and other wp type programs
5. creating a resume
6. typing a business letter
7. using functions like spell check and formatting
Not sure how many sessions you are teacing, but I bet if you just logically build each week, after lots of review time from the week before, it will be extremely useful and helpful to them. Learning to use a computer can be really intimidating and even I, an everyday user, feel stupid with my techno-idiot questions. You will do an awesome job!
love you,

Anonymous said...

Maybe you could look thru any tutorials that come with your computer to see how they present information and how it looks.