Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Happy Valentine's Day

Love and Kisses to each of you on this special day. It's always nice to be reminded to be extra kind and loving to the most important people in our lives! At our house, we celebrated with a candlelight "chocolate feast" before the sun had even come up all the way, to accomodate a hubby who has to head off to work in the ER all day and all night!

Here's some new stuff I've posted in the last few days at CatholicMom.com:

* Valentine's Day Resources - some articles, activities and recipes for you and your family

* Women's Health Topics - Hooray! Talented and prolific writer Michele Howe has graciously volunteered to become the new Women's Health Topics columnist at CatholicMom.com. You can find Michele's first column here. I'm so excited about this new feature.

* Do you have Olympic fever??? Take a minute to read about Olmpic skier and Catholic Mom Rebecca Dussalt and her quest for the gold - " to live heroic virtue and become a saint.”

* Sanctifying the World - Columnist Pat Gohn never ceases to inspire me with her perspectives on life. Click here to read another fine column by Pat that will touch your heart and soul.

OK, back to work!

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