Thursday, February 09, 2006

Happy Dance

Very few things make a Mom of school aged children as happy as having a BIG project completed and turned in, one day early for extra credit! I'm happy to report that this week we survived Adam's biographical report and speech on Benjamin Franklin and that today Eric will hand in his Science Fair project:

String Harmonics: Exploring the Inverse Relationship between Frequency and Wavelength

Somehow he and Greg managed to come up with a science fair project that examines the physics of how and why guitar strings work the way they do. Eric has spent hours on his project, testing, computing and producing his project board. I'm a proud Mom - proud of the finished products my boys accomplished this week, but even more proud of the time and effort they put into their work. It's amazing what our children can accomplish!

OK, I'm off to brush and floss!

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Anonymous said...

Benjamin Franklin is my favorite American historical figure. I highly recommend reading "The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin", particularly the section where he sought to inculcate virtue into his life by the daily practice of thirteen specific virtuous activities. I love the one where he strove to be true to his word. He said "Resolve to perform what you ought, then perform without fail what you resolve." I wish I could have been in your classroom, Adam, to experience your presentation. Love and Misses, Dad (Gramps)