Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Discernment for Dummies...

I am off to "work" at Church this morning, so I can't write for long this morning, but I had to share the "God moment" I had this morning...

Since yesterday afternoon, I have been feeling a little unsettled about agreeing to teach a computer class at Samaritan Women - my concerns range from my own nervousness over my qualifications and abilities, to the impact that it will have on my already overbooked volunteer calendar. I actually remembered yesterday to take time to pray over this, and to ask God to make His will clear in this situation.

God is good...He didn't send me an email divulging His will, but He did the next best thing. When I opened my Bible to do my daily reading this morning, the text for today in the New Testament is this: Matthew 25:31-26:13.

OK, I guess I can quit my second guessing and go to work! Don't you love it when you get such clear marching orders?

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Pat Gohn said...


Sounds like God has you right where He wants you: making the idea of teaching this class (which sounds just slightly out of your comfort zone) something that really makes you relying on Him.

It's really a win-win: God gets a new outreach (a work of mercy) to his loved ones who are in prison, and He gets you being your loving-vunerable-giving-self, taking away any barriers you might have to being "docile" to the Holy Spirit. And that's great news, because when the work keeps us on our knees, the glory is His, not ours.

Keep us posted! Pat