Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Daily Dose of Health - Surviving the Chocolate Feast!

Weight Watchers has a helpful article for all of us who plan to indulge in a little chocolate to commemorate Valentine's Day.

I went from my own personal Chocolate breakfast feast straight to the gym for Cardio Kickboxing, where my teacher was especially tough on us today. Remember, if we indulge today, we don't give up our long term health and fitness goals. I'm taking time to celebrate with loved ones, but plan a walk with my boys this afternoon for a way to re-focus on where I need to be mentally and physically.

Most of you don't have the "all or none" problem that I do, so you will survive a day of candy with no problem. If you're like me though, it can really mess you up!

Here's to finding other ways, besides overindulging, to celebrate special times with our loved ones!

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