Monday, January 30, 2006

We interrupt this Silence... bring you a blog entry. Imagine that!

Sorry for last week's blackout, but I had "one of those weeks". I hope my three devoted readers are still with me!

Not sure if I can promise much for the week ahead, but I'll try. Among the many important things I was involved in last week, the two most significant were the cleaning out of my closet (which had become a danger zone), and the preparations for the big school talent show. Both had their moments of pain and suffering, but ultimately the results were magnificent. I hope to blog on Eric's big performance very was a wonderful thing to watch my son up their on the stage having the time of his life.

In the mean time, if I owe you an email reply, please be patient with me. I'm doing my best, but my inbox is positively overflowing. Thank you, in advance, for your patience and know that I will reply some day...but this week, we're in critical Science Fair Project mode, so it may be a little while!

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Cami said...

You are just as entitled as the rest of us to have "one of those weeks." :) Also, I wanted to point out that your review for my book was chosen as a "Spotlight Review" at Amazon. I was very, very happy about that! Yay, Lisa! I really, really appreciate all the promotion you've done for Gibraltar. It's not selling loads--yet--it takes time for people to learn and trust. But you have diligently helped me lay the groundwork, which I will never, ever forget.