Friday, November 18, 2005

Catholic Mom Stack of Stuff

So much good stuff to share, so little time! Take a look at some of the stuff I've posted today over at

Cat.Chat - A fun interview with the creator of Cat.Chat, a great audio series for Catholic kids. Even cat haters can't help but like this!

Thanksgiving at - find recipes, articles and stuff shared by our Catholic Mom friends.

The Practice Baby by Sally Edwards - did you have a practice baby? I had two!

Advents by Pat Gohn - Pat is, as always, supremely inspiring. Have you visited her new blog yet? You'll love it!

The Aliens are Coming! by Katie Hines - I think Katie's been spying on my house....

Catholic Bible Study Series Interview with Laurie Manhardt - Looking for a great advent devotion? Check out Laurie's latest study on the Synoptics.

OK, back to the stacks!

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