Friday, July 01, 2005

Where's Waldo?

For those following the trek of one little Catholic family crossing the US by car, tonight we find ourselves in Springfield, MO - just FYI if you're planning on a car trip over 4th of July weekend, make reservations. We didn't, and thus we had a heck of a time finding a hotel room. So much for spontaneity!

One unplanned stop today was at "The Largest Cross in the Western Hemisphere", located outside Groom, Texas. I've never seen anything quite like it! I'm not usually one of those drivers who's suckered in by the barrage of recurring billboards that precede "must see" attractions along interstate highways, but this one I just couldn't resist...and since I was at the wheel at the time, I got my way. It was actually a lovely stop. I don't know anything about who's behind this project, but if featured 12 stations of the cross featuring life-sized bronze statues and a lovely "Divine Mercy" Jesus fountain. If you find yourself in Groom, plan a stop. I'd love to hear in the comments from anyone who knows anything about this place.

OK, it's late and I'm road weary. We're due to reach our destination tomorrow, so I'll (hopefully) report in next from the Lake of the Ozarks. Night!

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Anonymous said...

If you get a chance to stop in Carthage, MO, you would be blessed. It's the "home" of Precious Moments. There is an unforgettable experience waiting at the chapel for anyone that can find this out of the way treasure