Wednesday, July 27, 2005

A Trip to the Zoo

With the waning days of July coming on, that panic has begun to set in ...summer's almost over! My kids go back to school August 22, and the days of rest and non-scheduled fun will come to an end Monday when Eric starts daily football practice. Yikes! We've had a wonderful summer so far, but it feels like it will be over in the blink of an eye.

I'm one of those moms who dreads the start of school - my friends all know I need an extra hug and a box of tissue at our back to school prayer service every year. I'm also notorious with the teachers at our school for dreading back to school more than my kids do! One year, I ran off to Chicago and let Greg deal with the First Day Of School issue...maybe I'll plan that again this year!

Anyway, while it's still summer we're trying to make the most of it, so we took a trip to our local zoo yesterday to see the new babies: lemur twins, a giraffe, and several ducklings. Adam's one of those kids who'd rather watch Animal Planet than we're regular zoo visitors. We spent twenty minutes watching the prairie dogs - he has a name for each of them! We petted the llama, watched the monkeys fight with each other like brothers do, and envied the sea lions cool looking water habitat. Our zoo is very small, but in a way that's almost better because you can visit each animal up close and personal. Adam has to check on each of them personally, pausing to converse with each by name. Eric's usually busy memorizing the information on the informational signs.

Have you been to the zoo lately? If not, take a trip and consider buying an annual membership. We've visited zoos all over the country using our local membership card. Have fun, and don't forget to name the animals!


Anonymous said...

You inherited your return-to-school emotions from your Mom who cried at Michael's first day of kindergarten. Come to think of it, I got pretty choked up when we took you to Notre Dame for your freshman year --- and at your graduation. Michael owes me a lunch, having lost a bet to me, because he did not believe me when I told him "Bling Bling" is the name of a panda bear gifted to a USA zoo. L & M , Dad

Lisa M. Hendey said...

Hey Daddy - make sure he pays up, or I'm going to make him take me out when he gets here!
I think we both know where I get most of my emotional makeup...and my feet and nose! I love You!

Anonymous said...

I'm from Hanford so my daughter and I are familiar with "your" zoo (grin). She loves the giraffes the best.