Friday, July 22, 2005

Storm Weary

I received the following email, which really touched my heart and thought I'd share it with you for your prayerful consideration. For more information on Catholic World Mission click here

My diocese in the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico was severely damaged by Hurricane Emily this week. When it hit us Monday, it was a Category 4 hurricane, and later in the week when it hit further north, it still had enough power to trigger 10 tornadoes as far away as Corpus Christi, Texas. Around 60,000 tourists were evacuated from coastal areas, roofs were blown off of hotels, and thousands of wooden huts, the meager homes of so many people here, have been completely destroyed by the winds and the rain.

As I write this, the full extent of the damage hasn't been calculated. We do know that the flooding and winds have destroyed so much that the poor people in my flock, mostly Mayan Indians who have nearly nothing to begin with, have months and months of recovery ahead of them.

We lost electricity along the coast here in Quintana Roo, and the authorities estimate that it will take until this weekend until some areas are only half restored. Ceramic tiles from destroyed roofs, piles of literally tons of branches from trees, rain-soaked garbage-all are laying everywhere you look. During the time it will take to clean up, disease will strike next, especially at the very young and the old.

I have already witnessed the many hardships that these impoverished families have been faced with, and it is heartbreaking to see these families lose what little they had. Little children have lost their homes and their parents have nowhere to turn to keep them safe, warm and dry. It is our mission, and our duty, to ensure that these people receive the healing physical and spiritual aid they so desperately need.

I will provide more information as my priests and lay missionaries return from the inland jungle areas where they are already ministering to the victims. In the meantime, I ask that you consider a generous donation right now so we can begin the rebuilding and healing. Also, could you please tell others who might help us: your friends, family, parish, anyone who can pray for us and provide us financial support during the aftermath of this disaster.

In Christ,

Bishop Pedro Pablo Elizondo, LC

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They have our prayers....