Monday, July 11, 2005

Homeschooling Stuff

A special thanks to reader Deanna, who shared the following thoughts on Homeschooling:

I started homeschooling our two younger children, 1st and 5th grades, starting June 13th. The boys didn't want until want until August.
We are having such a good time! our 10yr old had been asking to be homeschooled for a year, and it took me that long to believe that I was able to do it and for my husband to agree.

As well as a good 8 months to decide on what curriculums to use. I ended up using 3 main curriculums, and mixing it in with unit of study and ecclectic. So far, it's been a bit easier than I imagined, though I have to admit 365+ days of praying to the Good Lord for guidance had a major part in that I'm sure.

We are using alot of Catholic Heritage Curricula, some Robinson Curriculum and some of Charolette Mason Method. The boys have been were public school and attended St Philip's Pre School for 6 months each, so the study of religion has been their utmost favorite, and with the Catholic Heritage Curricula, they have parallel the chapters age appropriated, making it easier for me to move from one age to the other. The boys have also enjoyed the comprehensive reading on the saints, and both Faith and Life Series and mage of God Series of Relgion books and activies. Oh yes, the Pilgrim's of the Holy Family, simpler to Boy Scouts wil an awesome religious twist. The boys are so excited about it. Their book A Year with God and the Family Journal is a God Sent, as well as their Science Books and extra reading books.
Just wanted to share.

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