Monday, July 11, 2005

Hats off to Pattie in Omaha

Hooray for Pattie in Omaha, who came up with the words for the Ten Commandments song we all learned in first's Pattie's version:

First I must honor God
Second honor His name
Third honor His day keep holy
this will be my aim.
Fourth I must be obedient
Fifth be kind and true
Sixth be pure in all I say
And see, and hear, and do.
Seventh I must be honest.
Eighth be truthful in all things I say.
Ninth be pure in mind and heart
And all I do and desire each day.
Tenth I must be satisfied
not be jealous come what may
These are God’s ten commandments
These I must obey.

Off I go, humming to the tune, to play with my boys!


Anonymous said...

I was just searching the web for the 10Commandments song I learned as a child - - I knew it by heart, tune and lyrics through the 6th commandment. Perhaps as a first grader, those were the important ones or as a 51 year old, all I can remember. I was blessed to fing the lyrics in your blog from 2005, from one of your fans in Omaha. Any idea where I could find it on cassette or CD? Thanks you and God bless. sheila anne

Lisa M. Hendey said...

So sorry, but I have no idea! Good luck with your search.

Anonymous said...

Thank you sooooo much!!!! So my friend and I were talking about the ten commandments this morning and he was naming them, I was like well just sing the song. Then I was like shoot I can't remember past six, plus the tune of the song gets tricky after that. So I got on and googled and sure enough YOU had it hear! I just called and sang it to him!

Ruby Drieling said...

Could you please tell the tune to this song.

Anonymous said...

Well done! This is 24.07.2011 and your blog is still there. I am not a mom, but i find it interesting that a lot say they a christian but do not live and abide by the ten commandments talk less the bible.
This would show the world from the Oslo bombing and killings that they need to live and abide by the ten commandments.
Note:- this song i learnt in my catholic secondary school days.
God bless you and keep up the good

Anonymous said...

I was taught this song by the nuns when I went to Catholic grade school. I was singing it in the car earlier today and and couldn't remember the words after half of the sixth commandment. Now I can sing it all the way through. Today is 3/22/12 and glad that your post is still here. Thanks!