Friday, July 08, 2005

Down and Out in Omaha

Well, the rug's been rolled up for the night here somewhere in the outskirts of Omaha. We're officially headed back home and made pretty good progress on the road today. Most of the trip was passed listening to a book on CD called The People of Sparks

This is a sequel to a book we listened to on the way out called The City of Ember

Both books were very interesting and really kept our family's attention. Set in the future after a devastating worldwide disaster, they follow a small community's attempts to re-enter and live in the outside world. Listening to books together is a joy - we have so many wonderful discussions based on things that come up in the stories. I wish there were a series of great Catholic audio books we could listen to with the kids. Eric and I have passed some of the time mulling over storylines - maybe I will just have to write them myself.

Tonight, I'm suffering from the usual sense of "let down" that follows extended visits with my family. The joy of anticipating family gatherings, and the fun and love we share while visiting, are now a memory - until I start planning the next trip!! When I was kissing Evan goodbye this morning, I kept thinking, "Next time I see you, you'll be'll be'll be talking..." I hate to miss out on any of this growing up time! If you're lucky enough to live close to extended family, I hope you don't take moments like this for granted!

OK, time to log off and settle in for the night!

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