Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Working "Part Time"

Are there moms out there who, like me, find the "balancing act" of summer vacation to be a true challenge? I LOVE having my boys home for summer, but find it difficult to manage the work responsibilities I've taken on and keep them occupied all day at the same time. I'm blessed to work from home and to be able to arrange my own schedule, which should make things easier. I want to treasure these days of summer with the boys, and to prioritize spending time with them, but I have made professional commitments that must be honored as well. Some days it feels like walking a tightrope...say I prayer for me and I'll say one for you too!

Today's Readings... We honor the Memorial of Saint Irenaeus, bishop and martyr.

For dinner tonight - a table blessing for St. Irenaeus...

We leave on Thursday for a two week family road trip. Any ideas of things I should be packing???


Anonymous said...

Our kids enjoy magnetic board games and art supplies

Rebecca said...

going along with the magnetic games...an aluminum jelly roll pan is indespensable on our rode trips. Magnets stick to them, they have a small lip all the way around to keep things from rolling onto the the car floor and they make a perfect lap desk. They store flat and nested when not in use to boot! Hope this helps!