Sunday, June 26, 2005

Welcome to Catholic Mom Moments

Welcome to the new "official" blog for the web site. I hope to post daily (although not hourly...) on faith and family issues, including saint and feast day celebrations, the seasons, tips and ideas and much more.

I invite and beg for your comments to make this blog a successful and meaningful resource for Catholic parents. In fact, I expect the comments on my posts to be of much greater insight and relevance than the posts be sure to comment, and to read the comments! That way we all learn something new.

Check in daily and see y'all soon!



Maita said...

Hi, Lisa. Congratulations on putting up the site. I've patronized Catholic Mom for the last 2 years, and it's really helpful. Do you mind setting up your feedreader (I use Bloglines) so I can put you on my list. More power and thanks.

Maita said...

Oops, sorry Lisa! I can subscribe to it anyway whether or not you put the 'sub-Bloglines' button on your blog. Thanks,