Monday, June 27, 2005

Monday Moments

Today's Feast: Optional Memorial of St. Cyril of Alexandria, bishop & doctor
St. Cyril of Alexandria...Greek salad for dinner anyone? You can find a great recipe here!

Today's Readings
The Lord is kind and merciful. Psalm 103

It's heating up in Fresno this week. Anyone have any great ideas for keeping those kiddos cool?

I loved Dannielle's confession to "therapeutic shopping..." Haven't we all found the healing power a new pair of shoes can bring, especially one found at a good sale price?

For the readers in this audience, what do you have to say about this article on "Christian Chick Lit"? Is there a place for Catholic Chick Lit, and what would it look like?

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Daniel Fattore said...

For the last question of this message: I am also wondering, actually - since I happen to read "main-stream" chick lit from time to time. How to bring under one hat the catholic (or christian) values and the materialism that characterizes works like "The Devil Wears Prada"? I'll read the article you linked. Thanks for it!