Thursday, June 30, 2005

Hanging around in Tucumcari....

Here we are, getting our kicks on Route 66 and thanks to the beauty of high speed wireless internet I can check some email and even jot a few reflections on one little Catholic family's summer road trip.

Our family of four left home (Fresno, CA) on Wed. afternoon, destined for the midwest. We will be spending the next week or so dividing time between the Lake of the Ozarks, and my sister's home in Chicago. We decided to drive, which is a bit of folly because we're actually going to be spending more days driving than not. It's been wonderful so far...we woke up in Needles, CA this morning and are now nicely settled in here in Tucumcari (which is in New Mexico, in case you didn't know!).

We spent the day admiring the changing terrain, testing each of the 200+ stations on XM radio and listening to the five discs of the Artemis Foul book on CD, which was incredibly entertaining.

If you ever find yourself in Tucumcari, be sure to stop at Del's family restaurant on Route 66. We had a great dinner, but my favorite part of the experience was speaking with the hostess Dorothy and learning the history of the establishment. Sick of fast food, we went in search of someplace with table service. We were attracted by the large cow statue standing thirty feet in the air atop Del's sign. Turns out that Del's opened for business in 1956 and has been catering to travelers ever since.

There's something wonderful about family vacations - the simple joy of long hours spent together without concern for laundry, dishes, sports practices, homework and the like. We did pass one really terrible accident on highway 40, which prompted prayer for that family and for all of those who will be on the road during the next week. Blessings to you and your families - may your travels be sweet and filled with happy memories.

I'll be back next time I get in range of an internet connection!

Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Homeschooling Resource

For those planning next year's homeschooling curriculum, while the rest of us are off goofing around, here's a link to a helpful site.

Fish Cakes Anyone?

Today is the Solemnity of Sts. Peter and Paul, apostles, when we celebrate two of the giants of our Church. Why not try celebrating the day as a family with Fish Cakes...which actually sound much yummier when you read the recipe! This is one type of fish I might even eat!

I've just posted the wonderful Mass Worksheets from our special friend Elyse. Have you and your children (ages 7-14) tried these yet. Click here to take a look, and as always, thanks to Elyse for all of her hard work each week preparing these. Our popular coloring, word search and crossword puzzles will return in the end of August.

One of my favorite new hobbies lately is reading blogs, and there are so many great ones out there written by talented women. One of my most favorite is the simply awesome Testosterhome (just like my house)! Check it out and I think you'll agree. Is there a great Catholic blog you love? Post a comment and share your suggestion.

OK, off to try to get some sleep prior to packing for our big trip!

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Working "Part Time"

Are there moms out there who, like me, find the "balancing act" of summer vacation to be a true challenge? I LOVE having my boys home for summer, but find it difficult to manage the work responsibilities I've taken on and keep them occupied all day at the same time. I'm blessed to work from home and to be able to arrange my own schedule, which should make things easier. I want to treasure these days of summer with the boys, and to prioritize spending time with them, but I have made professional commitments that must be honored as well. Some days it feels like walking a tightrope...say I prayer for me and I'll say one for you too!

Today's Readings... We honor the Memorial of Saint Irenaeus, bishop and martyr.

For dinner tonight - a table blessing for St. Irenaeus...

We leave on Thursday for a two week family road trip. Any ideas of things I should be packing???

Monday, June 27, 2005

Monday Moments

Today's Feast: Optional Memorial of St. Cyril of Alexandria, bishop & doctor
St. Cyril of Alexandria...Greek salad for dinner anyone? You can find a great recipe here!

Today's Readings
The Lord is kind and merciful. Psalm 103

It's heating up in Fresno this week. Anyone have any great ideas for keeping those kiddos cool?

I loved Dannielle's confession to "therapeutic shopping..." Haven't we all found the healing power a new pair of shoes can bring, especially one found at a good sale price?

For the readers in this audience, what do you have to say about this article on "Christian Chick Lit"? Is there a place for Catholic Chick Lit, and what would it look like?

Sunday, June 26, 2005

Thirteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time

Today was one of those days when every member of our family had a role of service in the Mass. My husband Greg was worshiping through his music ministry, Eric stepped in as an Altar Server, Adam sold donuts after Mass to support our Seminarian Fund, and Mom served as an Extraordinary Minister of the Eucharist. I found myself pausing after Mass to count my blessings as I thanked God for a Church community that feels like HOME and for His many blessings on my little family.

As we sang today in the Responsorial Psalm, "For ever I will sing the goodness of the Lord."

I recall days prior to Greg's conversion of sitting in Mass alone, two young children in tow, feeling utterly isolated and not at all a part of my parish community. Today, I reminded myself that there was probably a mom just like me in one of the pews, just waiting to feel some type of spiritual and emotional connection to this big church full of the Body of Christ...I offered a prayer for her and for all of us, just trying to do our best to share our love of our faith with our families.

Welcome to Catholic Mom Moments

Welcome to the new "official" blog for the web site. I hope to post daily (although not hourly...) on faith and family issues, including saint and feast day celebrations, the seasons, tips and ideas and much more.

I invite and beg for your comments to make this blog a successful and meaningful resource for Catholic parents. In fact, I expect the comments on my posts to be of much greater insight and relevance than the posts be sure to comment, and to read the comments! That way we all learn something new.

Check in daily and see y'all soon!